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Luxe Lollies was founded by Kristina Maury in 2012. Bored with the traditional candy flavors found in stores (cherry, orange, lemon, grape, etc...), she decided to create a line of gourmet hard candies in more sophisticated flavors like Pear Rosemary Champagne Spritzer (best-seller), Lavender Vanilla Mint and Pistachio Rose Cardamom (to name a few).

Kristina Maury is also the author of Liquor Lollipops (available wherever books are sold). Kristina’s interest in candy making goes back to her childhood when she got the idea to melt sugar in a kitchen skillet while home alone one day. Working without a recipe, she added her grandmother’s raspberry coffee syrup for flavor. Looking back, the end result was a catastrophe, but 12-year-old Kristina was delighted with the amber-colored mass of burnt sugar that tasted more bitter than fruity. Considering she was completely unaware of how dangerously hot caramelized sugar can be, it’s a miracle she didn’t get burned too. Though her technique and emphasis on safety have greatly improved, her zeal for experimentation remains the same.

As the years passed Kristina lost touch with her inner confectioner and went on to receive a B.A. in journalism at Howard University and a law degree from Harvard. Oddly enough, law school reignited her creativity. She often found herself making gourmet treats like candy corn and bubblegum flavored cupcakes to relieve stress. After she graduated, she dabbled in law for a bit and decided it wasn’t the right career path for her. While trying to figure out what to do with her life, she turned to candy making (specifically lollipop making) again to cope and soon realized that she could sell her candy to make money in the meantime. She noticed there was a lack of high-end, gourmet hard candies in the marketplace and decided to focus on making lollipops for people with sophisticated palates. As the demand for her products grew, she decided that this was something she could pursue full-time.

Luxe Lollies has custom designed lollipops for several big companies including Victoria's Secret, Fendi, Giorgio Armani, ESSIE, L'Occitance & Vueve Clicquot. Her products have been featured in numerous publications including Southern Weddings Magazine. Industry magazine Candy & Snack Today included Luxe Lollies in a list of businesses “thriving in the customized” candy industry.

Kristina gets her inspiration from fashion and beauty trends, cocktails, desserts and interior design. She is inspired by the concept of taking items usually associated with childhood and making them more sophisticated. You can find out more about Kristina at

In addition to its lollipop sales, Luxe Lollies started a charity called Project Lollipop after being contacted by a few customers who, for various reasons, have non-functioning stomachs and can no longer eat solid food but can still enjoy lollipops (note: some people with non-functioning stomachs can't eat sugar). Because Luxe Lollies come in a large variety of flavors, they are a unique way for people in this predicament to enjoy the taste of foods they can no longer eat. Starting out, Project Lollipop will donate a few batches a month to ill children who need a sweet-pick-me-up. In March 2014, Project Lollipop sent its first batch of lollipops to Matthew Cech, a nine-year-old boy with mitochondrial disease who loves lollipops.